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3 May
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Hello, this is Kashi (Angel´s friend) editting her userinfo. Welcome to the journal of the world... no no, wait... *scratch everything*. Ahem, as I was saying.. the journal of the most beautiful and AMAZING Angel in the whooooleeee UNIVERSE!. Yup yup, i'm not exagerating, OF THE UNIVERSE I SAID!. She is MY Angelina, my partner in crime, my co-queen of chocoland, my dragons lover, my may baby twin, etc. I LOVEE this girl so much. She is just too amazing for words =). MO GHRÁ DUIT GO DEOOOO!! ♥


Name: Meadhbh Clearly
Location: Dublin, Ireland.
Ocuppation: Professional Shoe Shopper
Starsign: Taurus


This journal is FRIENDS ONLY. Comment here to be added =)

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EVERYTHING IS ONLY for my Angel. So DON'T steal or EDIT because I will cyber hunt you down & make your life miserable, okay? Okay.


strawberry liquorice is love
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dragons are love
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